We want you to describe our customer service as outstanding!

Primarily, we believe that you should be treated with as much care as if you are a member of our family.  I know that sounds corny, but it’s how we feel.  We aren’t going to give anything less than the best of our efforts. 

A way we accomplish this is in how we have our salesman stay involved with you directly all the way through your project.  Our salesmen meet with you and discuss the options and scope of the work.  They calculate the price, give you a written quote that we will stand behind, sign up the job and advise you as to projected schedules when the job will start.

They then meet the crew at the job, review any important features or issues and monitor the progress of the work.  Upon completion of the job the salesman will contact you again and follow up with warranty and settlement arrangements.

So you see, we are very involved with you and the execution of the various processes involved in your project.  We keep you involved, but take the lead to manage the job from start to finish with the same person who initially calls on you.  You have a person you know is monitoring your job on your behalf.

Not all companies design their approach like this, but we do.  We want you to describe our customer service as outstanding!

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