What Everyone Ought to Know About Phone Quotes

The beginning of the fence quote process.

You have decided that you would like to consider a new fence, or an existing fence replacement.  Because fences last for many years most people don’t have recurring experiences buying fences.  You are unsure how to start the evaluation of contractors and their services. You are afraid that you will be pressured into buying something that you don’t want, or is more expensive than what you wanted to pay.  You look for some measuring system that will be easy for you to understand, quick, and easy.  After all, you want to be a smart buyer (who doesn’t), not the person who got taken by the contractor.

You decide a phone call to several fence companies and a quote over the phone will serve you well.

You like this idea.  It’s quick.  They won’t have the opportunity to get in front of you and talk (high pressure) you into buying something over your budget.  It makes it easy to evaluate their price on a measurable scale.  The one with the cheapest price per linear foot would be the smart choice right?  Everyone else is too high.  You can feel accomplished because you called several companies, found the cheapest and had them come out to meet you.  Hence, you have saved yourself lots of time by not meeting several contractors.  You have made an informed decision that is without question the best decision.

Estimating Accurately is More Than Linear Foot Price

Estimating a new fence is more complicated than a linear foot price.  Other factors that can only be determined by looking at the job come into consideration in an accurate fence quote.  Is there tear down of an old fence?  What is the shape of the property?  Fences are on property lines, have trees grown up in the way of the fence?  What method of coping with that tree will be used?  What about other items that should be taken into account.  Will safety net be necessary because of a pool?  Are elevations between properties different?  Does the property slope very much?  How many and what size are the gates that are needed?  Again, should they meet pool code?  What about sprinkler systems, public and private utilities?  This isn’t a complete list, but is representative of why contractors MUST SEE the project before an accurate quote can be calculated.

The Real Truth About Phone Quotes

Fence contractors who have been in business any time at all have been asked to give someone a phone quote on a linear foot basis.  As explained above they know if they give a low number then they will be the one selected to come out and see the property and who you will most likely make an agreement with to build the fence.  Hence, they give you an attractive number and then have to fabricate some story why after seeing your property the number has increased to cover the above estimating items.  It borders on a bait and switch scam that the fence contractor does because the phone quote demands it.  

How to Safely and Accurately Get a Fence Quote

Contact fence companies, ask them to come out and give you a quote.  When they show up, share as much information with them as you can about the project.  Ask them questions about other projects like yours.  Invest some time with the representative.  Is there a feeling of trust you have with them?  Do they explain things and ask you questions?  Do they show an interest in your project?  Expect to receive a written quote for the total job that explains what they will do, what materials will be used and how they expect to be paid.  The quote must be something they will stand behind and not change unless mutually agreed upon with you.  Discuss when they can begin the project and how long it will take to finish.  If that’s important to you have them put it in the quote.

After you have communicated with several fence contractors consider each ones quote and the trust you have for each one.  Price per linear foot is low on the consideration of who is the better option for your project.  Invest the effort, resist the phone quote quick answer, and you will make a better decision

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We want you to describe our customer service as outstanding!

Primarily, we believe that you should be treated with as much care as if you are a member of our family.  I know that sounds corny, but it’s how we feel.  We aren’t going to give anything less than the best of our efforts. 

A way we accomplish this is in how we have our salesman stay involved with you directly all the way through your project.  Our salesmen meet with you and discuss the options and scope of the work.  They calculate the price, give you a written quote that we will stand behind, sign up the job and advise you as to projected schedules when the job will start.

They then meet the crew at the job, review any important features or issues and monitor the progress of the work.  Upon completion of the job the salesman will contact you again and follow up with warranty and settlement arrangements.

So you see, we are very involved with you and the execution of the various processes involved in your project.  We keep you involved, but take the lead to manage the job from start to finish with the same person who initially calls on you.  You have a person you know is monitoring your job on your behalf.

Not all companies design their approach like this, but we do.  We want you to describe our customer service as outstanding!

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