Ornamental Iron

Ornamental Iron and the Gulf Coast Climate

Steel fences not properly protected, will quickly rust out, especially in our climate of heat and humidity.  That is why we only use galvanized steel and then have it powder coated for further protection. 

If you buy primed and painted raw steel because of  the low price, you will quickly end up with this.   We don’t build crap like this, we won’t do it.  If you want this lack of quality please call someone else.  Our reputation is on the line.  We want our reputation to lead us not follow us.


We Manufacture Driveway GatesArched driveway gate

Gates can be fairly simple or much more elaborate.  It depends on what you want.

We suggest you drive around and look at installed gates.  This will help you decide what you like.

Then call us, we can help you.

Modernize Your Breezeway

Having ornamental iron in your breezeway is very popular.  It’s durable and attractive plus its it’s low maintenance. 

  Breezway Ornamental Fence and Gate                                                                              

It’s a good safety feature near entry ways vs. a tall wood fence the bad guys can hide behind.

Ornamental iron can really dress up your entrance, show off your yard, or let your dog see out.

 Please Be Aware of Swimming Pool Safety

Code compliant fencing and gates accessing pools are a necessity.  What could be worse than a small child falling into your pool and drowning?  Call us we can help you with this very important liability with a code compliant fence.

                                           Please Call 281-358-6614

In Addition to What We Manufacture

We also install ornamental iron from national manufacturers when your fencing objectives suggests it’s the most desirable solution.  Ameristar, Forster and Jerith are our major suppliers.  Their fencing products are attractive, durable, and affordable.

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