Chain Link

Chain link can be used in residential, commercial, ball fields, and speciality installations.  It is very versatile, durable, and economical.

Residential Chain link

Chain link fence years ago was very popular around backyards and even front yards.  If you drive to some older parts of Houston you will still see it.  However,  when newer subdivisions started using ‘deed restrictions’ they usually restricted fencing to wood and not to extend beyond the front of the house.  As a result today we generally install residential chain link at ‘out in the country’ locations.  Its still a very good product, affordable, and last a lot longer than wood.

Commercial Chain Link

Chain link is utilized more commonly for commercial uses.  Customers can see through to your facilities, but it makes a good deterrent to most intruders.  It can be enhanced with barbwire added to the top to discourage climbing over.  Commercial size gates can be in clued to selectively restrict access during the day and completely after hours.  A good perimeter fence can help you with your insurance coverage.

Ball Park Chain Link

We have been involved in building several athletic ball fields where the use of chain link is the preferred product.  Whether around football, baseball or softball facilities chain link has the strength and components for the heights and designs required.

Speciality Uses of Chain Link

Chain link has some other uses that other fencing does not.  We have used it to build commercial dog kennels, horse fencing, and once to cross a detention pond with several feet of water in it.  We have installed it inside shops as tool rooms, and as an inventory control restriction.  We have built cages in warehouses from very simple up to meeting federal customs requirements for bonded import/export facilities. We’ve put it around cell towers and water stations.

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