Commercial Fence Building Company in Kingwood


With our fences, you are assured of excellent protection, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Our fences have proven superior whether your needs are an office facility, warehouse, baseball field, or commercial pool.

Kingwood Fence Co. Inc.

Metal Fences, Gates, and Openers

  • Our ornamental fences offer the look and aesthetics of a wrought iron fence but don’t cost as much, and go a long way towards providing security for your commercial property.
  • We also offer metal fencing options that can be configured easily, incorporating security systems and access points.
  • Our fences enhance loss prevention strategies and reduce the chances of theft or vandalism.
  • Our driveway gates are ideal for businesses who want to secure their premises.
Kingwood Fence Co. Inc.
Kingwood Fence Co. Inc.

Wood Fence Installation

  • Using only the finest American Western Red Cedar pickets, we provide strong, durable, and safe fences. We source the best material we can find and offer fences that are designed to be reliable and durable in our Gulf Coast environment and soil conditions.
  • Our crews are experienced and have been working with us for many years. They are truly skilled craftsmen and take pride in their work. We don’t build gazebos, or decks, do roofing or mow lawns. We have years of specialized focus and are excellent at building fences.
  • Unlike any other fence company, we offer a FIVE-year warranty on our wooden fences.