Expert Residential Fencing Company in Kingwood, TX

Every home needs a fence for security and privacy reasons.
We offer:

Wood Fences

  • Using top-quality materials, including treated posts, treated framework, and American cedar pickets, we build fences that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and very durable.
  • We blend different types of materials that are reliable, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of beauty and longevity for your fence.
  • Our wooden fences come with a variety of design choices to suit specific needs.
  • You can choose from a wide range of designs that incorporate safety, looks, and protection.
  • If your needs are more rural or HOA required, our corral board fencing may be the solution.
Kingwood Fence Co. Inc.
Kingwood Fence Co. Inc.

Ornamental Iron Fences and Metal Gates

  • With our galvanized steel fences treated with advanced powder coatings, designed to the highest standards, you can get elegance, durability, and functionality. They give the look and longevity of wrought iron fences at an affordable price.
  • Our gates and fences can be integrated with access control to allow controlled entry to your property ensuring peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our crew’s function without your being home.  Don’t take PTO to watch us work.

Generally, we can tear down and rebuild a typical backyard fence in 2 or 3 days.  This includes hauling off your old fence.

Yes, as the contractor, we are required to contact the public utilities to come out and mark their underground lines. 

Yes, cedar is a natural material that has various shades based on factors like age of tree, and growing conditions.  Various shades are not defects.

Lumber for fences has three natural characteristics. Checking (small cracks) shrinking and warping (natural process) none of these are considered a defect.  This is fence quality lumber not cabinet making. 

Yes, baseboards are harder wood (yellow pine) treated for ground contact.  They hold the pickets higher to prevent wicking up moisture into the picket and won’t mar with contact with a weed eater.

We prefer the extra strength a third rail adds to a fence and install third rails on all our fences that get a baseboard.  A third rail as we install them, will add approximately 65% to the strength of the fence.

No, our crews will put the fence exactly back where your existing fence is.  If you’re wanting to verify property lines you will need to have a survey done.

No, our contract is with you.  Typically, you pay us and your neighbors pay you, their part.

We require at least two feet of clearance along the fence line for access during construction.  You or your landscaper will trim carefully.  Our crews will whack with a manchette.

Kingwood Fence Co. Inc.